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Baptism is a celebration of God's grace and recognition of God's acting in grafting us into the covenant community. Through baptism we become members of God's own family. Baptism is also a chance for the congregation and the family of the one being baptized to commit their support in nurturing and raising the one being baptized in the faith, teaching them the stories of Jesus Christ – no matter what their age may be.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) affirms and practices both infant and adult baptism and accepts into membership any who have been baptized in a Christian Church, without further baptizing.

Parents who call the church to schedule their child's baptism will be invited to meet with the pastor, who will then talk with the parents about the significance of the sacrament of baptism. An elder, representing the congregation, will participate in the service with your family, and your child will receive a copy of The Children's Bible in 365 Stories. This process is similar for adults wishing to be baptized.